"I am extremely happy with your work Lynn, your work is much brighter, and even the type of paint you use is better quality than who I have been using in the past.   My customers enjoyed your murals thoroughly.  Your work is defiantly original!   Your painting technique makes the mural standout extremely well!”


Trina Links, Marketing Manager

“Window murals are well worth it! 

After you painted my window

murals, business immediately




Coffee Shop

"When inquiring to customers about how they discovered our promotion, many explain that they noticed the advertisement painted on our windows."

Clair Daniels

Branch Manager,

Credit Union

"Window murals are not only cost effective, but also an advantageous means of advertising."  

Jennifer Metcalf, Reginal Marketing Coordinator,

Credit Union 

Thank you so much for the incredible fitness designs you painted on my window.  Almost daily I have participants or residents from the community comment to me on how it livens up my Fitness studio.  Lynn you have done such a fantastic job on the windows - I will be using your services many

times annually - people seem to look forward to what is coming next.

Thanks again!”



Fitness Club

*My promotional window mural has paid for it's self, we have got a lot of business from it!  It has worked so well that we would like to do more promotional work with you very soon."

Tom Holloway

Branch Manager

"You are very professional and

very cheerful!”


Small business Owner

"For the first time, the other branch had higher sales in travel insurance since they had their windows painted, that’s why we would like to have ours done as well."  

Shannon Willford, Branch Manager

Western Financial

We just wanted to compliment you and your husband on what a great job you have done on the mall window painting.  You guys are talented and clearly run a professional business and we so appreciate the work you have done for us!  We will refer you anytime we can!

Angela ~ Esteem Lingerie